CHAT of Michigan, Inc.

Crating, Handling and Transportation

ISPM-15 Approved Worldwide

Packaging Services include:

Packaging Services

Emergency expedite experts can get your shipment nearly anywhere in the world the sameday!

The absolute fastest way to get your product where it needs to be is to trust CHAT of Michigan. That is why the Michigan Power plants, Gas plants and Fermi II Electrical plant trust us for their most critical moves when they need them ASAP.
  • Shock Watch
  • Tip-N-Tell Labeling
  • Custom Designed Wood Crates
  • Rust Spray
  • Foam Emplacement Packaging
  • Water Desiccate Bags
  • Bubble Wrap, Shrink-wrap and Banding
  • VCI Heat Wrap and Vacuum Packaging 
  • Exhibit Show Crates
  • Slot Wall Crating
  • Solid Wall Crating
  • On-location Packaging and Labor Packaging Material (boxes, tape, etc.)