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  • Our crating and packaging is the foundation this company was built on. We can crate anything. This includes many goods that other packing companies won’t touch, like personal effects and hazardous materials.
  • CHAT of Michigan is one of the only companies that can verify, pack and ship you dangerous goods all over the world.
  • The Metro Airport community relies on our heat treated crating and packaging expertise to keep its freight moving safely and in full compliance with TSA, United Nations, FAA, USDA, and the Department of Homeland Security.
  • In the past, we have crated everything from one of a kind artifacts for museums all over the world to presses that weigh in excess of a quarter million pounds.
  • One of the biggest advantages that CHAT offers our customer base is the ability to do all of this directly on their shop floor. Crating on location allows our customers to load out and ship directly from their door to the final destination. With so many services, we promise to offer the right packaging solution for your product.

It is what is on the outside that really counts.